The springs of the Acheron

Our favorite activity is hiking in the Acheron River. Near the village of Glyki are the springs of this ancient river. The Acheron is mentioned several times in Greek mythology. It is said that the Greek hero Achilles was baptized in this river by his mother and thus became immortal all over his body. Except at his Achilles tendon, because that's where his mother held him. But there are also some bleaker stories about this river. The Acheron runs partly underground, which meant for the ancient Greeks that it was one of the access roads to the underworld. The free translation of Acheron is 'the river of sorrows'.

Today, the river's sources are mainly used for activities such as rafting and hiking. The water is crystal clear, but ice cold. Once you get through that, you can walk through the water between the rocks for hours.

Promotional video about Glyki

Boat trip to the islands off the coast of Parga

A few boats leave every day from Parga to the islands nearby. These sail standard to Paxos and Anti Paxos. But a boat trip to Corfu is also possible. A day trip to Paxos and Anti Paxos is highly recommended. The boat sails past impressive deep caves and stops a few times so that you can snorkel in the clear blue water. Around lunchtime the boat moors in the capital of Paxos so that you can look around the village and have something to eat. Pay attention on the way back: the chance of seeing dolphins is very high!


Cycling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greece, but for the cycling and mountain bike fanatics, it's cycling heaven (Dennis should know). The roads are generally good and people are used to cyclists on the road. In the village you can rent bicycles that are delivered to the hotel by the landlord. You will get the most beautiful routes from us.

There are also (electric) mountain bikes for rent with which you can easily move around in the mountains.