Travel options

There are many different ways to reach Parga. Below are some suggestions. Prices may vary per period and so far it has been worthwhile for us to book the trip as early as possible.


Parga is easily accessible by car from all over Europe. It is a considerable undertaking, but has the great advantage that you are much more mobile on holiday. Two routes are possible:

  • There are three neigbour countries by land: Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgary. When we drive from the Netherlands, we drive through Serbia and North Macedonia. For us, it's about 2600 kilometers and a fun ride to do. The roads are good and the landscape is varied and mostly beautiful. Keep in mind all additional costs besides fuel: For example toll and you possibly have to spend the night somewhere.
  • Via the ferry from Italy. Our preference is the port of Ancona as a boarding point. You then take the ferry to Igoumenitsa (40 km from Parga). Also here there are toll costst but, if you plan it wisely, you can save the overnight costs by sleeping on the boat. The boat tickets cost about 200 euros for two people and a car.


A lot of people choose to come by plane. There are several options for this. The offer and the price differ greatly depending on the period in which you travel.

  • Via Preveza (Aktio Airport): EasyJet, Condor Flugdienst and Britisch Airways (amongst others) offer direct flights to Preveza. Once landed, it is about a 55 minute drive to Parga. There are several car rental companies at the airport, which are otherwise very small and well-arranged. You can rent a car, again depending on the period, from a few euros per day and is highly recommended. A taxi costs about 90 euros so a car can quickly get out.
  • Via Corfu: This airport is used by several companies and you can often fly here cheaply and quickly. Corfu is not much further than Preveza as the crow flies, but it is an island. The boat sails to the mainland every half hour in high season. You will then arrive in Igoumenitsa (40 km from Parga) where there are also plenty of taxis, buses and cars. The boat trip will cost you 10 euros per person and the bus from the airport to the harbor only 2 euros per person. This option is definitely recommended for adventurers. You can also book a hotel for a night in Corfu Town, this is a really beautiful city with a lot to do. You step into your hotel within an hour after you have landed, how relaxed do you want to start your holiday!
  • Via Ioannina: This is a small (national) airport 1.5 hours drive from Parga. So you cannot fly here directly from abroad. It can make quite a difference in the price so definitely worth seeking out. From Ioannina you can go to Parga by car and by bus.
  • Via Athens or Thessaloniki: The cheapest flights fly to Athens or Thessaloniki, sometimes for 15 or 20 euros per person. Keep in mind that Athens is a 5.5 hour drive and Thessaloniki is a 4 hour drive from Parga. However, both rides are indescribably beautiful, so especially if you can book an early flight it can be a cheap and very nice option. From Athens there is an additional 35 euros toll, but the roads are in excellent condition.

Pay attention when you drive to us: we do not have a house number. When you have passed Lichnos beach, you will soon see our hotel on the left side of the road.